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Founder, barber


Interpreneur & Founder of West Barbershop, Ayhem, has worked in Dubai for half of his life in a business related to international standards, after traveling trip for 2 years, Today Kyiv has become his second homeland. In 2016, he moved to Ukraine and established a barbershop with a concept that he nurtured for four years.

Ayhem is the biker dude who will meet you with smile & scissors at the barber’s chair. He is a “playing coach” and if you ask why you do not want to leave the West Barbershop, we will answer: “It’s all Ayhem’s sense of humor.”

The Dude is an English, Russian and Arabic speaker.




Alexander Kopanitsa aka Kapa. 

Joined the barbering culture several years ago and graduated from the Kyiv barbers school in 2018, managed to work in one of leading Kyiv barbershop as he got the test and great styling skills, now he enjoys working in our West Team His passion is modern haircuts and creativity.

Kapa Definitely is a creative person. In 2007 he and his friends created a successful underground hip-hop band “Not like U label”. He also worked on the stage with Dress Code, Stereotype and Zombie killers. Till now, Kapa acts as a guest writer for famous artists from the UIS.




H.K. Huge experience in classic haircuts and shaving & barbering, we worked in Dubai, Russia, Iran and now Ukraine He has been a barber for more than 23 years where he worked professionally for 15 years in Dubai, he began his career at the age of 19. 

He works at a phenomenal speed, If somebody would create ‘’Michelin’’ stars for barbers, he would take all of them.

And he is probably the kindest person in the world. H.K. is a daddy of two cute kids and is a football fan.

By the way H.K. speaks English, Russian and Persian language.

Barber Malvina



She wanted to work in the beauty industry since childhood. After school Marina became a hairdresser stylist in a small hairdressing salon. She became a mother during this time and combined motherhood and her labor of love.

In 2017 she decided to become a barber and work only with men and for men, Everybody told her that barbershops do not employ women. But she did it! And in 2018 Marina got a Barber Diploma. She worked in Mr.Grey’s barbershop & Birmingham Barbershop.

Now our team is adorned by Malvina, who ruines the stereotypes that women can’t  be a barber.

West BarberShop is a place for men, where you can bring your own style to harmony: make a haircut, traditional shaving with a razor and beard trimming.

We are located in the Kyiv center, in a few minutes from the ‘’University’’ station, ‘’Teatralna’’ and ‘’Zoloti Vorota’’.

Traditionally, we offer free coffee, rum or coke for our clients. If you have time, please, use wi-fi, Sony PS and of course chill out with music.

We speak Ukrainian, English, Russian and Arabic language fluently.


Opening hours
Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00
+38 (099) 651-29-99

+38 (098) 989-82-12


Ivana Franka str., 36 Kyiv

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